30% of Democrats aren’t sure if they’ll vote for candidate who wants to impeach Trump

A recent Marist poll showcases that impeachment might not be as popular amongst Democrats as expected.

Marist Poll:

A congressional candidate’s position on whether or not to impeach President Donald Trump could be a motivating factor in this year’s midterm elections. A plurality of registered voters (47%) say they would definitely vote against a candidate for Congress who wants to impeach the president. 42% would definitely vote for a candidate who has that intent, and 10% are unsure.

Notably, three in ten Democrats say they would either definitely vote against a candidate who favors impeachment (18%) or are unsure (12%). 70% of Democrats would definitely vote for such a candidate. Among Republicans, 84% would not back a candidate seeking to impeach President Trump. A plurality of independents (47%) say the same.

70% might be a big number but it isn’t as significant as 30%. The Democrats have almost no chance of taking back majorities in the House and Senate if 30% of their base isn’t on board with them,

In just 3 months the Democrats have dropped 8 points on the generic ballot


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