YouTube Removes Speech From GOP Congressman

Big Tech continues to prove it is a threat to free speech.

YouTube censored a speech by GOP Rep. Darrell Issa(R-CA).

YouTube claimed that the speech violated its rule against anti-vaccine information.

In the speech, Issa praised the vaccine.

Even those who are pro-vaccine are getting censored!

From Fox News:

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., tore into YouTube after the site removed a speech he gave. In a phone interview with Fox News, Issa cited the censorship as proof that its algorithms are biased against conservatives.

YouTube alleged that Issa’s speech violated its rules against anti-vaccine misinformation, even though the only reference to vaccines that Issa made in the speech was to tout the superiority of the American COVID-19 vaccines over the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

The American vaccines are widely acknowledged to be superior to the Russian version, which U.S. authorities don’t count toward its immunization requirements for foreign nationals seeking to enter the country.

Issa gave the speech in July at the EDGE2021 conference in Las Vegas, a highly respected government technology conference. Issa’s office only recently found out that the speech was removed.

“The speech was about data and was a very nonpartisan speech… I used the analogy that just like the original Sputnik, when the Russians were first and we were better, they came out with their vaccine first but ours was better,” Issa told Fox News.

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