WOW! Experts claim Climate Change report is wrong

WASHINGTON - MARCH 2: Activists hold signs as they participate in the Power Shift '09 rally on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol March 2, 2009 in Washington, DC. Youth activists called for urgent congressional actions on climate change, energy and the economy. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

18 reputable scientists signed a 54-page study calling all of the conclusions made by the federal government’s Climate Change study false.

According to the authors, CSSR suffers from many of the same shortcomings and biases apparent in the previous work produced by the USGCRP. For instance, the report relies heavily on information from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has a long history of producing failed predictions and deeply flawed reports. Further, CSSR perpetuates the misperception widespread in public policy circles and popular culture that “the science is settled” on the issue of the role played by human activities in producing climate change. CSSR’s authors suggest governments across the world, including the United Nations, should devise policies they say will slow or stop global warming.

Part One of this paper explains foundational problems with CSSR, including how its authors hide scientific uncertainty about the causes and consequences of global warming, the pervasive politicization of climate change throughout the report, CSSR’s over-reliance on computer models, and its authors’ failure to comply with the principles of the scientific method. These are substantial deficiencies, not minor flaws, that no number of pages, coauthors, or footnotes can fully offset.

Part Two provides basic facts about the role of carbon dioxide (CO2) in climate change, many of which are missing from the CSSR report.

Part Three reviews nine assertions made by CSSR authors who believe climate change is now and will continue to have serious life- and health-threatening consequences, and it reveals why many of these claims should be rejected as fallacious.

Part Four offers a summation of the CSSR Task Force’s analysis of the CSSR report. Qualifications and affiliations of the authors appear at the end of the report.

As has been reported by CNN the Federal Government’s Climate Change report warned that thousands would die from Climate Change and it would cost the U.S 10% of its GDP.


A new US government report delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars — or, in the worst-case scenario, more than 10 percent of its GDP — by the end of the century.

Coming from the US Global Change Research Program, a team of 13 federal agencies, the Fourth National Climate Assessment was put together with the help of 1,000 people, including 300 leading scientists, roughly half from outside the government.

It’s the second of two volumes. The first, released in November 2017, concluded that there is “no convincing alternative explanation” for the changing climate other than “human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases.”

CNN continues

“Higher temperatures will also kill more people, the report says, The Midwest alone, which is predicted to have the largest increase in extreme temperature, will see an additional 2,000 premature deaths per year by 2090.”

The Mainstream Media, of course, will never give this study any coverage. If liberals are so confident in their science then they should cover why this report is wrong. There should be thriving debate between these two sides. However, as pointed out by Heartland the left can’t let that happen. They know that their claims are untrackable and that they are based on skewed computer models. A debate with any of these 18 scientists would expose that portion of the climate report.

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