Who Supports Her? Liz Cheney Won’t Rule Out 2024 Presidential Run

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Funny story of the day.

According to The New York Post, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is not ruling out a 2024 presidential run.

From The New York Post:

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney is not ruling out a potential presidential bid, The Post has learned.

ā€œIā€™m not ruling anything in or out ā€” ever is a long time,ā€ she told The Post when asked if she would ever consider running in the future.

A poll taken in January found that only 10% of Republicans would vote to re-elect her:

From Far-Left Politico:

According to a memo outlining the results, 73 percent of Republican voters and 62 percent of all voters in Wyoming expressed an unfavorable view of the three-term congresswoman. Just 10 percent of Republican primary voters and 13 percent of general election voters said they would vote to reelect her. The survey of 500 likely voters, which was conducted Jan. 25-26 by Trump pollster John McLaughlin, also presents Cheney as profoundly weak in a Republican primary. The congress member trails 54 percent to 21 percent in a head-to-head matchup against one of her announced opponents, state Sen. Anthony Bouchard.

A presidential run might be her last-ditch effort to save her career.

After smearing and voting to impeach Trump she was censured by 10 counties in Wyoming.

Anti-Trump Liz Cheney Has Now Been Censured In 10 Wyoming Counties

She also has a growing list of primary challengers:

Former Trump Official Considering Primarying Liz Cheney

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