White House leakers and bad reporting have sabotaged Donald Trump’s Presidency

    Donald Trump has declared war on the “deep state”. He has assembled an attack team who will work on handling the press and stop damaging leaks from coming out of The White House.

    This “deep state” attack team is going to do wonders to fix the two biggest things that are sabotaging Donald Trump’s presidency: leaks and slanted narrative. Both of these things help the other one out. Before I give examples I will give a broad overview of the situation. The press has sources inside The White House. These sources leak information to the press in an attempt to delegitimize Trump.

    The best example of this is portrayed through the whole “Trump shared classified information with the Russians” fiasco. Now this story created a media firestorm that dominated the news cycle for days. In reality, this story turned out to be a nothing burger. The so-called classified information was information I covered months before. This was a clear attack at Trump. Not only was he completely in the right to share this information but Obama did this exact same thing.

    Trump obama russia

    If that isn’t narrative bias I’m not sure what is.

    We also have the “infamous” Comey memos. The New York Times printed an article that sourced someone reading them the memos. It was then followed up by other outlets that sourced “people who were familiar with Comey’s thinking”. If you use sourcing like that you better hope they are right. Well, they are 100% wrong. First off Comey testified under oath that no one was trying to obstruct the investigation. Which means if he did think Trump obstructed justice and he testifies saying he now thinks that Trump actually obstructed justice then he would have committed perjury. The Comey memos are now dead because they were a Comey orchestrated hit job from the beginning.

    The next leaks are Trump’s supposed “Nut Job” comments. Somebody leaked out that Trump supposedly called Comey a “Nut Job” in his meeting with the Russians. The left lost their mind over this. Now, if he actually said these things then obviously it isn’t the most appropriate conversation but to claim Obstruction of Justice is once again nonsensical left blabbering. The bottom line is that Comey was a “nut job” who deserved to be fired. He botched the handling of the investigation into Clinton’s email server and dragged his feet on the Russia-Trump investigation. Both sides wanted Comey fired, the left just made a big deal out of nothing.

    Now, we move onto the story about Jared Kushner attempting to communicate secretly with Russia. When this first broke the left once again spew “collusion”. They once again were wrong. The bottom line is that having Back channels with foreign countries is nothing new. During the 2008 campaign, Obama opened up one with Iran. Does that mean Barack Obama colluded with Iran? Of course not, it means that it is politics as usual. The conversations about backchannels also were held after he was already elected and the reasoning was over Syria. (Article on Kushner’s back channel being a nothing burger)

    These are only a few of the many cases of our mainstream media preying on the ignorance of the public. They take standard political practices and try to turn them into proof that Trump has something to hide. These methods have been effective in halting Trump’s agenda. Sure he has nailed on many promises so far but you can’t hide the fact that he is still yet to fully pass a healthcare plan or tax reform. The reason for this is because he is too busy battling the Russian narrative and constant leaks. If Trump wants to truly see his agenda win out he must first destroy the propaganda machine that is holding him back.

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