WHAT?: Paul Ryan says Trump shouldn’t end DACA

In an interview with radio station, WCLO Janesville in Wisconsin Paul Ryan said he doesn’t want President Trump to end the Obama administration’s DACA program.

Now, I certainly am not against meaningful reform as it pertains to immigration and the deportation of illegal immigrants without criminal records in our country but I am strongly against DACA. As Paul Ryan point’s out DACA was an egregious case of executive overreach by the Obama Administration. It’s borderline unconstitutional to legislate from the executive branch. This is where I begin to disagree with Ryan. Paul Ryan should have come out saying “DACA must go” and then commented on how they will reform immigration law for dreamers through proper channels.

This is just another example of Paul Ryan’s attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump. He is catering to the Mainstream Media narrative by directly attacking one of Trump’s campaign promises.


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