Article from Westmonster:

Brexit could be just the beginning, with an increasing number of voices across Europe now eyeing the possibility of ditching the Brussels bloc.

Ireland is one such place where a growing group amongst the commentariat, slowly but surely, are making their case for Irexit.

Writing for the Irish Times, economist and Professor Ray Kinsella has today said that: “Behind the charade of a ‘unified stance’ on Brexit is a deeply divided EU with competing national agendas which have been whipped into a facile unanimity…It is a hegemonistic and increasingly militarised political behemoth, controlled by Germany and, to a lesser extent, by a Franco-German identity of interests.”

Kinsella concludes that: “The EU itself has every reason to facilitate a constructive separation. Our politics should be talking Irexit. Priority.”

This is not a solo call in Ireland anymore. Former Irish diplomat Ray Bassett discussed Irexit and an article cropped up in Ireland’s Sunday Independent in March also discussing the idea of breaking away from the EU.

With the UK negotiating global trade deals, able to control its borders and make its own laws, the temptation for others to join the Brexit Britain outside of Brussels control is likely to only increase.

It clearly is too early to make any predictions but it seems as if the EU is beginning to fall in on itself. With the unhappiness with Marcon in France and Merkel in Germany countries throughout the EU are wondering what life will be like outside of the EU.

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