WEIRD BRAG: Trump touts saving Tax-payer money by not going to New York

    Trump took to twitter earlier today to let everybody know he would not be spending his time in New York this weekend.

    Now, finically speaking he is right with this tweet. It cost around $300,000 dollars to protect Trump at Trump Tower when he is present. When Trump is not there it costs anywhere between $127,000-$146,000.

    With that being said this is one of those times that makes you question Trump’s twitter usage. I have been a defender of his twitter do to the fact it allows him to speak directly to his base. In this case, it is just a lot of nonsense.

    I defend Trump’s golfing and his trips to Mar-largo because he uses it as a political tool. What I can’t defend is his trips to New Jersey.

    Trump, you attacked Obama for leaving The White House please do not boast about you doing the same thing.

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