WATCH: Conservative Students Take a STAND at March For Our Lives

    6 brave Patriots decided to showcase their Pro-gun sentiment at a March For Our Lives March in O’Fallon IL.

    Here is the description from their Youtube video:

    My friends and I joined the March For Our Lives in O’Fallon IL. We respect the 2nd amendment and wanted to go in order to protest gun violence. Although we all want the same result, there is disagreement of how we get there. We went to represent the pro-gun side of this argument. We tried to be as respectful as possible, but were greeted with hateful rhetoric, chants, threats, slurs, words, and people. With that in mind there was also some meaningful discussion that went on. I want to thank all of the respectful people we met and got to talk with. It is much nicer to talk with someone and find common ground than to be disrespected for no reason. I want to thank the other students there, who were very respectful of our opinions. The other students were willing to listen and talk about our differences. While many of the adults were respectful, the vast majority were extremely rude to us, and hateful. We found this surprising that the younger people like ourselves were more open and accepting to other views. Stand for what you believe in. We were 6 people in 300-400. Do not let the left intimidate you. They know nothing about politics, but only that you are evil if you do not agree with them.

    Whether you agree with them or not the idea behind a March For Our Lives should allow dissenting opinions in it. Believing in the right to bear arms does not make you evil yet it was pretty clear early on that the other marchers had serious problems with them showing support for gun ownership.


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