WATCH! Secret Service visits Tom Arnold over anti-Trump tweets

A video has been released showing Secret Service agents interviewing Anti-Trump actor Tom Arnold.

Here is the Tweet that Arnold claims got him the visit.

Here is the statement from Tom Arnold on it:

The hilarious part about this whole thing is the lack of self-awareness regarding these celebrities. They constantly claim Trump is some type of fascist yet when Secret Service visited his house they couldn’t have been any more professional. Would Hitler, who many of his leftist friends have compared Trump to have allowed for such nice treatment of a political enemy? Of course not.

I also love the “Trump should watch his mouth excuse”.  Trump is constantly under attack and it usually is damaging lies. Russiagate, Hitler comparisons, and putting children in cages are just a few of the lies that he is forced to deal with. Trump only has one way to combat those lies and that is by fighting back.

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