Washington Post:”No voter fraud in New Hampshire” Meanwhile 458 people are being investigated for it

    According to NH1

    “New numbers from New Hampshire’s Secretary of State’s office indicate that 458 people who voted here on Election Day may have possibility committed voter fraud.

    Multiple times since Election Day, Trump has claimed that people from Massachusetts were bused into New Hampshire to vote illegally. The president’s argument has fueled support among Granite State conservatives for Republican-backed bills that would tighten New Hampshire’s voting laws. An important showdown looms Thursday in the state Senate over the measure with the best chance of becoming law.

    The 458 people in those latest numbers from the Secretary of State’s office, which was provided to NH1 News on Monday, could potentially have made an impact on close contests here, such as the battle between incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Democratic challenger Gov. Maggie Hassan. Ayotte lost re-election by just over 1,000 votes.”

    There is also evidence to suggest that more than 6,000 voters used out of state identifications to vote which is legal in New Hampshire.

    This is just more evidence to back up Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

    Trumps tweet below:

    This could have affected the results of the state in not only the Presidental election but also in the senate race. As both were decided by less than 3000 votes.

    Research by the Daily wire dug up an article from the Washington Post claiming voter fraud was made up by Trump.

    Excerpt from the Washington Post article: 

    “As with our first analysis of voter fraud in the 2016 election, we find no evidence to support the assertions of large-scale voter fraud that have been forthcoming from the Trump administration.

    Because of these results and a total lack of photographic evidence of buses infiltrating New Hampshire on Election Day 2016, we believe that Trump’s claims about a tainted election in New Hampshire are at best unsupported and at worst an intentional mistruth.”

    Wonder if there will be a retraction…..Doubt it.

    The left can deny it, the mainstream media can deny it but we will not. Voter fraud is a threat to our democracy, a threat to America and we will not stop until it is fixed.

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