President Trump was in attack mode on twitter early Saturday morning. His attack was aimed directly at NBC’s meet the press moderator Chuck Todd.

We are all tired of the absolute nonsense that is this Russian Scandal. If the MSM wants to report on the Russian narrative at least do so objectively. At least give the ever growing surveillance scandal the same amount of coverage and cover it objectively.Chuck “sleepy eyes” Todd took to twitter to respond

Chuck “sleepy eyes” Todd took to twitter to respond

This tweet made me chuckle. Todd makes no attempt to even defend his porous journalistic standards. He almost tries to play dumb. Who? Me? Bad Journalism? I’,m not out to spoon up a false narrative. Look I was watching basketball just like the rest of you.

Come on now sleepy eyes, every show you appear is filled with false narrative and exaggerated reporting. Don’t hide it, embrace it or we will continue to expose you.

Now, you can debate whether it is smart for Trump to use twitter to try and destroy the false Russian Narrative but one thing is for sure, it is entertaining.