Late last night the New York Times published an article attempting to dig up dirt on Brett Kavanaugh once again.

NYT reporters own book debunks new Kavanaugh allegation
New alleged Kavanaugh victim has no memory of event

These allegations were pure garbage. All this story did was act as Propaganda so the left could continue their assault on Kavanaugh. I thought for sure that this was just another attack on Kavanaugh.

However, a headline from drudge and a link to an Axios article has sparked interest in a theory I have regarding this story.



The latest allegation was uncovered┬áduring a 10-month investigation by NYT reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, which will feature in their upcoming book, “‘The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.”

That theory is could this have been a leak just to make their book popular?

The evidence points to this being a yes. The New York Times piece they wrote on it failed to actually debunk the claim. As we reported the actual book debunks the new alleged victim’s story. However, the actual article does not. It leaves it as an open-ended question to whether the story should be believed or not. We also have the fact that we really learned nothing new. Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed since 2018 and there is zero reason for him to be in the news cycle.

Do I think this was a hit on Brett Kavanaugh? Yes. However, I also think this was just one giant book promotion. Very few would have cared about this book written by two New York Times journalists with an agenda to attack Kavanaugh. Now, many will buy it because they want to find out what else do they not know about Brett Kavanaugh.

This is obviously a theory but one that I will certainly keep an eye on. With Democrat Presidential candidates using this story to push for his impeachment over this story we must question the motives behind the story.

Seems to me that 2020 Democrats are using free advertising for a book as a political weapon.

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