Warren’s brother ‘furious’ after she tells lies about her father

One of Elizabeth Warren’s brothers was furious after she described her father as a janitor.

Boston Globe:

Families can also disagree on the details of a shared life. According to a family friend, David has disagreed with the way Warren calls herself the daughter of a janitor as she describes the work he found after losing a job as a salesman after his heart attack.

“When she called her dad a janitor during the early stages of this, David was furious,” said Pamela Winblood, 78, a longtime friend of David who had fallen out with him and supports Warren’s presidential bid. “He said, ‘My Dad was never a janitor.’ I said, ‘Well, he was a maintenance man.’ ” (In an interview, Warren said she had no idea why that characterization would bother her brother; she has referred to their father as a “maintenance man” in her 2014 autobiography but often as a “janitor” on the campaign trail.)

Mediaite explored her past statements further: 

She also referred to her father as a “maintenance man” in a 2012 Senate campaign ad, and in a 2007 interview said that “maintenance man in an apartment house was his last job .”

But in another 2012 speech, Warren got more specific about her father’s job at that apartment house, and her description did not sound very janitorial.

“My father held a series of jobs, his last one was mowing lawns and cleaning swimming pools for an apartment house,” Warren said…

This continues to show us just how much of a fraud Warren is. What does she actually believe? Who is she really? It is becoming ever more clear that she is attempting to rebrand herself into whatever she thinks the Democrats want her to be.

All we know about Warren is that she has lied about her past to get ahead before.

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