WARNING: Gen. Kelly and Paul Ryan are pressuring Trump to sign Dream ACT

A new scoop from Jack Posobiec has brought some very unsettling news

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and other members of the GOP in the House and Senator have begun urging President Trump to sign an updated version of the Dream Act according to sources close to the White House. The Dream Act would grant amnesty to former DACA members.

Senator Lindsey Graham introduced the Dream Act of 2017 on 7/20/2017 along with Chuck Schumer, Jeff Flake, and Dick Durbin.

Just looking at the people who introduced the bill should know it likely isn’t in the American peoples best interest.

Here’s more:

Chief of Staff John Kelly and other senior Trump Administration officials are reportedly among those who favor passing the DREAM Act. Kelly opposed the DACA executive order primarily because he viewed it as a temporary solution rather than a permanent legal designation.

“They are telling the President it will make the KKK stuff go away,” according to one senior advisor.

Gary Cohn is not among those pushing the DREAM Act, and “doesn’t have any real access of influence anymore” the advisor continued.

One Republican consultant remarked “Trump could legalize every illegal in the country and CNN would still find a way to call him Hitler. They’ll always call him a Nazi no matter what.”

This is showing the newest plan by the deep state to take out Trump. They are going to try and play to what many feel is his weakness. Trump, like all of us, wants to be liked. Obviously, since running for President Trump has been othe most hated man in America. The media attacks him and his family every single day, all day. Every attack is ridiculous, every attack is based on unfair media bias. They are trying to show Trump a way out from these attacks. They are saying let the dreamers stay so the Mainstream Media will like you. Let the dreamers stay so that the Democrats will praise you. Everybody knows that praise will never come Trump’s way. They might give him a pat on the back for a day but in the long run, they will continue their hate filled attacks on him and especially on supporters of his agenda.

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