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Steve Bannon: ‘Original Sin’ of Team Trump Was Embracing the Establishment

Former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon says that the biggest mistake the Trump campaign made after winning the election was trusting the establishment to staff the populist president-elect’s administration.

“In the 48 hours after we won … you might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment,” Bannon said during an interview with CBS News anchor Charlie Rose for 60 Minutes. “I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.”

He explained that he and Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the rest of the family realized that they had to put together a government and let establishment Republicans into the administration.

“Our whole campaign was a little bit the island of misfit toys,” Bannon said.

He said that Senate Majority Mitch McConnell did not want Trump to drain the swamp and was acting against the president’s populist, economic agenda.

“They do not support the President’s program. It’s an open secret on Capitol Hill. Everybody in this city knows it,” he said.

Bannon: I’ve Fought for Racial Unity All My Life; Don’t Need Lectures from ‘Limousine Liberals’

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon does not need lectures on race relations from “limousine liberals” and the media elites who hang out in largely homogenous crowds and whose oh-so-progressive-and-forward-looking organizations and outlets do not have the effortless diversity as Breitbart News’ masthead.

In a 60 Minutes interview, Bannon told CBS anchor Charlie Rose that he was raised in a desegregated neighborhood on the North Side of Richmond, Virginia, that is “predominantly black.”

“I went to an integrated school, a Catholic school. I served in the military,” he continued. “I don’t need to be lectured … by a bunch of limousine liberals, okay, from the Upper East Side of New York and from the Hamptons … about any of this. My lived experience is that.”

Bannon also suggested that left-wing activists and the legacy media may be trying to play the race card because they know how successful and unifying the economic nationalist agenda, which Bannon said will unify Americans of all races, nationalities, religious, and sexual orientations—can be. Bannon has consistently denounced ethno-nationalists and white supremacists. He did so again to Rose.

“[T]he Neo-Nazis and Neo-Confederates and the Klan, who, by the way, are absolutely awful – there’s no room in American politics for that,” Bannon said. “There’s no room in American society for that.”

And he told Rose that the legacy media give a platform to irrelevant white supremacists who stage rallies because the media want to “make them up as some huge part of Donald Trump’s coalition” when they are not.

In the end, Bannon said he is singularly focused on the economic nationalist message that will help and unite Americans–U.S.-born Americans and legal immigrants–of all backgrounds.

“I don’t need the affirmation of the mainstream media,” Bannon said. “I don’t care what they say. They can call me an anti-Semite. They can call me racist. They call me nativist. You can call me anything you want. Okay? As long as we’re driving this agenda for the working men and women of this country, I’m happy.”

Economic Nationalism Will Unite Americans of All Races, Nationalities, Religions, Sexual Preferences

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon emphasized in a 60 Minutes interview that President Donald Trump’s message of economic nationalism is so powerful because it will ultimately unite Americans of all races and backgrounds.

“Economic nationalism is what this country was built on. The American system—we look after our own. We look after our citizen, we look after our manufacturing base,” Bannon told CBS anchor Charlie Rose. “And guess what? This country’s going to be greater, more united, more powerful than it’s ever been. This is not astrophysics. And by the way, that’s every nationality, every race, every religion, every sexual preference.”

Bannon pointed out that “as long as you’re an American citizen, you’re part of this populous economic nationalist movement.”

Bannon said his belief in how much economic nationalism can unite Americans of all races and backgrounds was why he told President Donald Trump that he thought he was going to win the election after the Access Hollywood tape was released. Some of Trump’s advisers thought he had no chance and even urged Trump to drop out of the race. The Breitbart News executive chairman, though, said he told Trump he had a “100%” chance to win the election if he just doubled down on the economic nationalist message.

“That’s why I told him, ‘Double down,’ every time [on the economic nationalism message],’ Bannon recalled. “And on that day that’s the first time and only time he ever got upset with me. He goes, ‘Come on, it’s not 100%.” I go, ‘It’s absolutely 100%.’ And I told him why. They don’t care [about locker-room talk].”

In the end, Bannon was right, as Trump shocked the world and the political elites on election night, as his economic nationalism message galvanized Americans who had not voted in presidential elections because they just got sick and tired of voting for candidates who only appealed to the 3.8%.

Bannon told Rose that the “American system” of “protection of our manufacturing, financial system that lends to manufacturers … and the control of our borders” has always been built “on our citizens.”

“I think what we have to do is focus on the American citizens,” Bannon said. “I think we have to focus on American citizens.”

Steve Bannon: ‘America Was Built on Her Citizens’

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon laid out hisstance on immigration in an exchange with Charlie Rose on CBS’s60 Minutes Sunday evening, saying that American citizens were the ones who built this country from its founding.

Bannon said that we have to “focus on American citizens” when Rose criticized Bannon’s position on immigration, saying that he seems to want to put an end to it.

“You seem to want to turn it around and stop it,” Rose claimed.


“You couldn’t be more dead wrong,” Bannon said. “America was built on her citizens.”

“We’re all immigrants,” Rose countered.

“America was built on her…,” Bannon began to say before Rose interrupted.

“Except the Native Americans who were here,” Rose interjected.

Bannon gathered his thoughts before he clarified his statement.

“This is the thing of the leftists. Charlie, that’s beneath you. America’s built on our sys– on our citizens,” he said.

Bannon referred to the 19th century, when America went through a period of industrialization and western expansion as an example of how American citizens built this country’s “protectionist” economy, industry, and national defense.

He cited Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, President Abraham Lincoln, and the Roosevelts as examples of American citizens who helped this country grow.

“The American system, from Hamilton to Polk to Henry Clay to Lincoln to the Roosevelts” built “a system of protection of our manufacturing, financial system that lends to manufacturers, okay, and the control of our borders.”

Bannon also mentioned that our nation does not just protect the privileged.

He added that the U.S. looks after citizens of “every nationality, every race, every religion, [and] every sexual preference.”

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