WaPo uses angel mom to attack Trump

Washington Post reporter Terrence McCoy used the mother of Mollie Tibbets, a college student who was killed by an illegal alien to attack Donald Trump.


Now, of course, the point of this is to make anyone who believes in immigration reform look evil. This is also a chance to point the finger at the Angel families who have decided to champion Trump’s policies as a way to make sure no other family has to lose a loved one to an illegal alien. 

A few things can be true and are true in this case.

The first is that there is nothing wrong with the actions of the Mother of Mollie Tibbets. If she wants to take in a migrant, take in a migrant(although it is unclear whether this child is illegal like his parents.) This doesn’t matter at all and she should be able to do whatever she wants.

The next part is that this doesn’t mean Mollie Tibbet’s mothers’ actions are any more moral than that of the angel mothers who want Justice. Nothing is more moral than fighting for the safety of millions of Americans by fighting for better Border Security. 

Once again The Mainstream Media tries to use emotion to get in the way of Common Sense. Taking in a migrant isn’t a rebuke of President Trump rather it is a decision made by a single person and should be treated as that.


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