Ukrainian Government Minister: Russia Invasion Of Ukraine Could Trigger World War 3

Yuliia Laputina, a Ukrainian government minister, has warned that an invasion of Ukraine by Russia could trigger World War 3.

She said that Russia would not stop in Ukraine but rather it would continue to take more and more land.

From Yahoo:

A full invasion of Ukraine by Russia would spread conflict around Europe and could even trigger World War Three, a Ukrainian government minister has warned.

Yuliia Laputina, the minister for veterans affairs – who previously served as a top officer in Ukraine’s equivalent of MI5 – told Sky News that her country was ready to defend itself should Moscow launch a new attack.

But she said the consequences of further military action by President Vladimir Putin would not be contained within Ukrainian borders.

“If Russia will invade you know, you should also take care about the Balkans. What Russians are doing now in Serbia – they try to provoke a situation in the Balkans,” she said in an interview at her office in Kiev.

“But we also take into account [the beginning of] World War Two.”

Asked whether there was a chance an invasion could lead to a third world war, the minister said: “Yeah. Yeah. Because geopolitically, it looks like this is a possible scenario. So… we should pay attention to the Ukrainian issue because of the security of the continent.

“This – the spreading of war in case of Russian invasion to Ukraine – will be much wider than Ukraine.”

Biden’s weakness has led to this.

Putin knows Biden is far too weak to stand up to him.

Whether or not US troops would come to the aid of Ukraine is still to be seen.

But as history has shown us, a weak liberal President leads to more wars.

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