Two Women Closely Associated With Trump Announce Senate Run…Trump Vs McConnell Showdown Coming?

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Here we go.

According to Newsmax, a showdown between McConnell and Trump is coming. Two women closely tied to Trump are announcing their run for Senate.

McConnell may back someone else.

More From Newsmax:

In what pundits and pols are beginning to dub “a fight for the soul of the Republican Party,” Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump signaled last week they would be backing disparate candidates for Republican nominations for U.S. Senate seats in 2022.

McConnell, who vowed not to mention Trump’s name anymore, said he would be supporting Repubican candidates who are “electable.” Trump, in his much-reported salvo against McConnell last week, promised that “[w] here necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First.”

On Wednesday, two prominent women closely associated with Trump declared for open U.S. Senate seats in Ohio and Alabama.

Former State GOP Chairman Jane Timken declared Thursday for the Ohio seat being relinquished by Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

Promising to “fight for the Trump agenda, stop socialism dead in its tracks, and be a champion for all Ohioans,” the feisty Timkin proudly proclaimed herself a “mom and fighter” and one “who won’t stand back and let America become a Socialist country.”



Alabama’s Lynda Blanchard, a Montgomery businesswoman who was Trump’s ambassador to Slovenia, became the first Republican to announce for the seat of retiring Sen. Richard Shelby on Wednesday.

“I’m a Christian conservative and business builder, a mother of eight wonderful children,” Blanchard declared in a three-minute video.”I’m a proud member of the MAGA movement. Like you, I’m grateful for the leadership and courage of our 45th president, Donald Trump.”

McConnell is going to try and wrestle the party away from Trump. He knows he doesn’t have the support from the base. So, the only way he can maintain control is by controlling who runs for office.

We reported that Trump is now setting his sights on McConnell after McConnell smeared him on the floor of the senate.

Report: Trump To Make McConnell’s Life Miserable

It is likely going to backfire on McConnell.

Even Lindsey Graham knows that without Trump Republicans don’t win the senate.

“Can’t Win The Senate Without Trump”-Lindsey Graham Warns McConnell After He Smears Trump

This is going to get good very soon.

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