Biden Isn’t Going To Have Any In-Person Meetings With World Leaders For “A Couple Of Months”

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What does this mean?

According to White House Press Sec Jen Psaki, Joe Biden will not have any in-person meetings with world leaders for “a couple of months”.

Now, of course, this could be COVID-related. Due to technology face to face is not needed for world leaders to communicate.

However, you would expect face-to-face meetings to be important especially early on.

With that being said I can’t help but theorize that advisers of Biden don’t want him in face-to-face meetings with world leaders.

It is much easier to prop Biden up over the phone.

It is just a theory but one that I think makes sense.

Of course, this also would be further backed up by the report that Kamala is taking calls from world leaders instead of Joe.

Are they hiding Biden?

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