Trump Will Receive Hero’s Welcome During Visit To Poland

Daily Caller logo .pngU.S. President Donald Trump can expect a warm welcome Wednesday when he arrives in Poland for a brief state visit before the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

Poland’s populist government spent several months trying to persuade Trump to visit the country. Ministers considers the trip a “huge success,” and they have promised the president a crowd of supporters upon his arrival in Warsaw.

The government has arranged buses to bring supporters to the capital, where Trump is expected to deliver a “major speech,” as part of the invitation.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said Friday that Trump will ask other European countries to “take inspiration” from Poland and praise its “emergence as a European power.” (RELATED: Trump Will Tell Europe To Follow Far-Right Poland’s Lead In ‘Major Speech’)

The EU is less amused about Trump’s decision to visit Poland before traditional allies such as the U.K., France and Germany. Poland is one of three countries to face legal action for their refusal to accept EU’s refugee quotas.

Some EU diplomats have described the visit to be an attempt to further divide western and eastern Europe.

“One cannot but feel a bit suspicious if it isn’t an attempt to break up European unity,” an unnamed diplomat told Reuters.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), said the outcry over Trump’s trip stems from jealousy.

“We have new success, Trump’s visit,” Kaczynski said Saturday. “(Others) envy it, the British are attacking us because of it.”

PiS leaders openly backed Trump during his presidential campaign, describing his “Make America Great Again” slogan to resonate well with their own agenda in Poland. (EXCLUSIVE: Polish Secretary Of State Says Image Of A ‘Broken State Is ‘Rubbish’)

“I think what he’s trying to say: ‘Make America great again,’ perhaps is because the United States have done so much to help countries around the world, and yet you seem to be hated you know, under-appreciated,” Secretary of State Anna Maria Anders said during a June 2016 visit to Washington, D.C. “I think he feels where we should be concentrating are on ourselves.”

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