Trump vs The World: The UN prepares for arrival of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the biggest force to come to Washington in years. He threatens the norms that establishment politicians have felt for years and is paving his own agenda for our country every day. This impact isn’ just felt on American politics but politics across the entire globe. Next week Trump will lay out his plan for our US global affairs at the UN.

France 24:

Donald Trump takes center stage at the United Nations next week when world leaders gather in New York, anxious to hear the US president outline how he is reshaping Washington’s role in global affairs.

The nuclear crisis with North Korea, the future of the Iran nuclear deal and Myanmar’s military crackdown against Rohingya Muslims are expected to top the agenda at the world’s biggest diplomatic gathering.

Trump will deliver his first address to the annual General Assembly high-level debate, which kicks off Tuesday with 129 heads of state and government set to attend.

Macron is also making his debut as well but of course, all eyes will be on Donald Trump.

Washington’s friends and foes have been grappling with the implications of Trump’s “America-First” policy and his address will be closely-watched for signs of what’s in store.

While Trump is expected to play to a domestic audience by reasserting the themes that have made him popular at home, diplomats are not ruling out some signs of a shift, on climate change, for instance.

The United States sparked global outrage when it announced in June that it was pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, but that process will take three years, allowing time for a re-think.

“Expectations are low, but that may play to Trump’s advantage,” said Richard Gowan, a UN expert from the European Council of Foreign Relations.

“If he makes any friendly gestures, like hinting that the US could actually stay in the Paris climate change agreement with a few tweaks, he will be acclaimed as a statesman.”

“Globally, public opinions of the president are pretty low,” said Martin Edwards, a UN expert at Seton Hall University. “I expect the tone to be off-putting rather than engaging.”

Trump needs to be the most bombastic version of himself yet. I am tired of other countries degrading the President we elected due to the fact he won’t cave to their Globalist agenda. President Trump must us proud and let them know America is back.

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