Trump to Putin: “If you want to have an arms race we can do that, but I’ll win.”

According to a new report from NBC Trump warned Russian President Vladamir Putin that he would win in an arms race.


Behind the scenes, however, Trump has recently taken a sharper tone on Putin, administration officials said, but the shift seems more a reaction to the Russian leader challenging the president’s strength than a new belief that he’s an adversary. Putin’s claim earlier this month that Russia has new nuclear-capable weapons that could hit the U.S., a threat he underscored with video simulating an attack, “really got under the president’s skin,” one official said.

Two officials said Trump told Putin during a phone call after Putin’s re-election last week: “If you want to have an arms race we can do that, but I’ll win.”


Afterward the president gave no hint of tensions when he told reporters the two leaders had “a very good call” and that he plans to meet with Putin soon to discuss curtailing an arms race.

I wonder how the leftists will react to this story. They constantly claim that Trump and Putin are in bed together yet his rhetoric towards Russia is far different. As we reported the Trump administration has been far tougher on Russia than Obama was. 

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