BACKFIRE: NRA receives 3x the donations after leftists attack 2nd amendment

    The NRA saw their donations triple after the leftists declared war on the Second Amendment.


    It is now evident that Americans across the land responded to this criticism by pouring money into the NRA PAC. The Washington Free Beacon reports that the PAC received $779,063 in donations in February versus $247,985 in January.

    Unitemized donations were $685,099.51 for the month of February. Itemized donations were $27,100 for the two weeks of February that preceded the Parkland shooting and $70,870 for the two weeks after.

    Ever since the Parkland shooting the Gun Control debate has taken another ugly turn. Elitists have begun funding the anti-gun movement and using a select few Parkland survivors to push it.

    As we have reported 39% of Democrats support the repealing of the second amendment.

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