Trump responds to North Korea’s failed missile launch

North Korean missile​ launch attempt

Earlier today Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for the world to be tougher on North Korea. He warned that a failure to do so would be catastrophic and that America is not scared of military action.

“We will not reward their bad behavior with talks,” Tillerson said “We will only engage in talks with North Korea when they exhibit a good-faith commitment to abiding by the Security Council resolutions and their past promises to end their nuclear programs.”
North Korea responded to these words by firing another missile.
Reporting from CNN fills us in on what happened:
Shortly after Tillerson finished his final activity at the UN, meeting with Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Pyongyang launched a missile toward the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, but it blew up over land, according to a US official.
The US official said the projectile was a “probable KN-17,” a medium-range ballistic missile, launched from Pukchang airfield. A White House statement Friday evening said the administration was aware of the test and that the President had been briefed.
Tensions in the region only seem to rise the more pressure is put on North Korea. It is clear that they have no intention of stopping their missile programs and will continue to threaten Japan.
Trump responded with this over twitter:

Military action seems inevitable at this point. Unless China can persuade it’s North Korean ally to stop these missile launches Trump will have no choice but to respond with military action.

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