Trump Jumps Three Points In Poll

President Trump has jumped three points in a Harvard-Harris Poll.

This comes with the first presidential debate coming up Tuesday night.

The Hill:

Forty-seven percent of likely voters said they would vote for Biden if the election were held today, while 45 percent said they would back Trump. The survey marks a 3-point improvement for Trump and a 2-point decline for Biden from the last poll that was conducted in August.

Biden also led with likely voters who said they were unsure of who they were going to vote for, with 52 percent saying they were leaning toward supporting the former vice president at the ballot box and 48 percent leaning toward voting for Trump.

“The poll shows the race closing to 2 points with likely voters and 4 points with leaners as the president showed improvement in the economy that dipped below double-digit unemployment and hit the theme of curbing unrest on which he gained,” said Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll director¬†Mark Penn.

This is important news for President Trump. We know that if a Mainstream Poll has him this close then he is likely winning.

We also can look at the actions of the Democrats and the Mainstream Press as evidence internal polling isn’t looking great for them. They are helping to push riots in the streets. They are attempting to push mail-in ballot voter fraud schemes. They are pushing phony stories in the press. All of these things are the actions of desperate people.

Democrats are panicking!

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