Trump considering backing Amash Primary challenger

According to a Politico report, Donald Trump is considering backing a primary challenge to Justin Amash.

Amash’s challenger spoke to Politico saying he’d love to have the President’s endorsement: 

The discussions about Amash come as primary opponents have begun to circle. Jim Lower, a 30-year-old state legislator who’s aligned himself with the president, recently announced his candidacy for the Grand Rapids-area seat. A poll released on Tuesday by MIRS News, a political news service in the state, showed Amash trailing Lower by 16 points.

Lower, who is set to travel to Washington next week to meet with senior Republicans, said he was hopeful the president would endorse him. Doing so, he said, would deter other primary candidates from running — which could dilute the anti-Amash vote and potentially pave the way for the congressman’s re-nomination.

“If they were to get involved early I think it would help make sure that it was just me versus Amash in the August primary — and if that’s the case we’re definitely going to win,” Lower said.

“Obviously Trump is a huge component of our campaign, so it will probably go without saying that we’d love to have his endorsement,” he added.

The Devos family said it would cut off funding from him in May:

Trump and his top advisers have discussed the prospect of backing a primary challenge to the Michigan lawmaker — a highly unusual move for a president against a member of his own party that would effectively amount to a warning shot to other Republicans thinking of crossing him. The conversations come as the billionaire DeVos family, which has deep ties to the administration and remains one of Michigan’s most powerful families, has announced it will cut off the congressman. That move could send a signal to other conservative donors deciding whether to invest in Amash.

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