Trump: Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Plunging…Coming Out Of The Basement Early

President Trump took to Twitter to do what the Mainstream Media is failing to do. Expose Joe Biden.

We are beginning to see a lot of evidence that the tied is turning against Biden.

The first piece of evidence was the fact that the RNC convention destroyed the DNC convention in total viewers. To put it plainly Americans are interested in knowing what President Trump is running on.

RNC Convention Crushes DNC Convention In Total Viewers…Also Outraised Them

After the convention many Democrats switched over to voting for President Trump:

WATCH: 8 Minutes Of Democrat CSPAN Callers Saying They Are Voting Trump

We then have polling data. Joe Biden is doing far worse polling wise in key states compared to Hillary in 2016:

Biden Is Polling Worse In Key States Than Hillary Did In 2016

The Mainstream Press won’t tell you this but Joe Biden’s campaign is falling apart. He defended riots and attacked our Police. Americans don’t support this.

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