Chuck Schumer: Trump Is Inciting Violence

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made an outrageous claim on Twitter claiming that President Trump is inciting violence across the country.

The number one rule to remember when dealing with the Democrats is that they accuse you of exactly what they are doing. The truth is that they have been responsible for inciting violence. They have defended rioters claiming they are “peaceful protesters”. They have attacked our law enforcement and made it impossible for them to enforce the law. They have blocked President Trump from putting down the riots. They have taken every action possible to ensure these riots will continue.

They have also used rhetoric that has made America more divided and less safe. There over the top rhetoric has made it seem okay to use violence against Republicans.

How can we forget that they even fundraiser to get these rioters out of jail:

Don’t let the Democrats lie to you and try and change the narrative. They defended these rioters. They are responsible for all of this.

Vote them out!

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