Michael Moore: If This Were A Movie Heroes Would Swoop In & Kill The Murderous Cops

Michael Moore sent out a ridiculous tweet back on August 25th claiming that if what was going on in America right now was a movie that people would swoop in and kill the cops who he claims are murdering people.

He also sent out this scary tweet:

This is what we are up against right now. Far-left people like Michael Moore continue to undermine not only the rule of law but the truth as well. The left has a propaganda machine that is like something I have never seen. They are able to take an event and make it mean whatever they would like. They can take an event and make what the complete opposite of what happened become believed by millions of Americans. Police are keeping Americans safe from dangerous rioters and looters. They are not out there murdering anyone.

All Americans should condemn violence against there fellow citizens, sadly the left is continuing to promote it.

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