Trevor Noah just embarrassed himself trying to explain Socialism

In a promo for Trevor Noah’s Comedy Central show Trevor Noah attacked Conservatives for whining about Socialism.

Partial Transcript from NewsBusters:

“Do you think the government should bail out industries if they’ve been crippled by some crisis?” The people would be like, “Yeah, of course, of course.” And you’d be like, “Socialism is what that is.” “Well, I don’t like socialism.”   

Noah concluded: “It’s all in your mind. It’s like you go like, ‘Wow, that person’s good looking,’ and he’s like, ‘That’s your cousin.’ ‘Aaagh.’”

This is a ridiculous statement from Trevor. The Socialism Conservatives talk about is not bailing out industries(although Conservatives are against that) that are in trouble. In fact many socialist themselves don’t support bailouts of industries. Would Bernie Sanders support bailing out the Coal industry? They type that is talked about by Conservatives is the modern day platform of the Democratic party. Government run healthcare, Guaranteed jobs for everyone and high tax rates to pay for it all. It is beyond dishonest to claim that Conservatives one issue with Socialism is government bail outs.

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