Top 10 Palmieri Report Articles From 2020

Here are the top 10 articles from The Palmieri Report In 2020

10: “Evidence Of Foreign Interference”-Sidney Powell Says She Is Trying To Give Trump Evidence Of Foreign Interference

9: Resolution Essentially Acknowledging Biden As President-Elect Fails To Pass

8: Maria Bartiromo Drops A Bomb On Voting Software: This Is About To Explode

7: Maria Bartiromo Claims That An Intel Source Told Her That Trump Won The Election

6: Supreme Court Puts Texas Election Lawsuit On The Docket

5: WATCH: Police Officers Dragged Through Chicago Streets

4: Newsmax Host: The Kraken Is About To Really Happen

3:Sidney Powell: We Have Video And Photo Evidence Of Election Fraud…Crosses Party Lines

2: Rudy: “Big Revelations” Coming Concerning Voting Machines In Georgia

1: US Military Intel Agents Ready To Testify In Dominion Scandal?

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