Maria Bartiromo Claims That An Intel Source Told Her That Trump Won The Election

According to Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo, an intel source told her that President Trump won the 2020 election.

This clip is from her show on Monday, December 14th.


Maria Bartiromo, a Fox anchor, on Monday morning cited an “intel source” declaring President Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 election.

Partial transcript:

“Following that rejection of the Texas lawsuit, the president still maintains that the race is not over. And I spoke with one source high up in the intel community, and he said this, Alan, he said, ‘Trump did win. There was election fraud, but to prove it requires the FBI and the DOJ to drill down on all of the election fraud issues related to voter and ballot issues. They’re not doing it because the wrong people run the place, and they didn’t want Trump to win. Now they’ve run out the clock with the Electoral College here.”

Now, there are a few things to point out from this clip.

The first is that she is using anonymous sources.

The second is that I have seen no other verification of her claims.

Does this mean she is wrong? Of course, not. I just want to make sure that is pointed out.

Unlike the Mainstream Media, I believe Americans are smart enough to make decisions for themselves. So, rather than try and hide or attack people making claims. I will put it in an article and allow you to decide for yourself. Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot believe.

Maria Bartiromo is a highly respected journalist.  Her claims should never just be dismissed.

We will follow up this story with any information confirming or debunking this story…

Last month she also made a bombshell claim on Parler:

Fox Bussiness Host Maria Bartiromo used Parler to give us more information on the Dominion voting system used in the 2020 election.

Here is what she said:

Massive national security issues. Massive. I’m told Dirty Venezuelan & Cuba money behind dominion. The software also has components from china. This is about to explode.

President Trump has been exposing Dominion:

According to a new report from OANN that President Trump touted the voting software used in many swing states deleted over 2.7 Million Trump votes.

Trump called out Dominion last night:

Prior issues with Dominion voting software:


We will update this as we learn more…

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