Three people were stabbed by a ‘hooded knifeman’ wielding large blades at a London hospital, according to UK media.

Witnesses say the attacker slashed an elderly woman in a wheelchair, slit one man’s throat, and stabbed another in the stomach while moving through multiple surgical practices.

“Three people were taken to hospital after they were attacked in St. Stephen’s Health Centre in Tower Hamlets and The Tredegar Practice in Bow, east London this morning by a man wielding a ’12-inch blade,'” the Daily Mail reports.

Police have immediately ruled out terrorism as a motive.

“He had camouflage kit with his hood up with glasses,” said one woman who was nearly slashed by the attacker. “The knife was massive. As I looked up, I saw him waving the knife.”

She also says a young man in the waiting room attempted to intervene and wrestle the weapons away from the assailant, but he escaped and moved on to another surgery office.

“He has saved people because he stopped others from getting injured, but he was probably worried about his mum as well,” she said.

The suspect, who has been described by one witness as appearing to be a “Chinese man,” was eventually arrested wearing only underwear and taken to hospital to be treated for injuries of his own.

“We are in attendance and aware of an incident at St Stephens Health Centre,” tweeted Tower Hamlets Police. “We are dealing with it and one male arrested.”


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