Three Conservative Leaders call for Mitch McConnell’s resignation after “disappointing year”

    Conservative Leaders Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, Adam Brandon, the president of FreedomWorks, and The conservative coalition have all called for Mitch McConnell’s resignation.

    Here are the three letters:


    Those grassroots volunteers – millions of whom I represent, as Co-Founder and CEO of Tea Party Patriots – were motivated to work by the campaign promises made by Republican candidates.

    They promised to end the Obama era practice of spending more than the government takes in, so we can balance the budget and pay down our $20 trillion national debt.

    They promised to end the Obama era overreach of the federal government.

    They promised to hold accountable the Internal Revenue Service officials responsible for illegally targeting us for our political beliefs.

    They promised to nominate and confirm Constitutionalists to the federal bench.

    They promised to secure our borders, protect American jobs, and end the scourge of illegal immigration.

    And in their most famous campaign promise of all, they promised to repeal ObamaCare, and I quote, “root and branch.”

    For nine months, our supporters have been urging Republicans in Congress to do one simple thing: Keep your promises.

    Those pleas have fallen on deaf ears.


    It’s time for new leadership. Mitch McConnell has been a failure in the Senate and has cost Republicans almost a year of victories. He has demonstrated that he either does not understand the frustration coming from conservatives and the urgency of passing key legislation – or he does not care.

    He failed to repeal Obamacare with his majority in the Senate. The House has passed the REINS Act and the Financial CHOICE Act, but McConnell is exerting no energy to get those to the floor for a vote.

    Now we are focused on tax reform. The House has passed its budget, and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady is ready to work. Yet again, the Senate is not moving. They even left for a week during crunch time.

    Conservative Coalition: 

    2017 has been a disappointing year for the millions of Americans who fully expected, and had every right to expect real change in Washington. Republicans were given full control of the federal government. They – you – have done nothing. Worse, it is painfully clear that you intend to do nothing because, as is most apparent, you had no intention of honoring your solemn commitments to the American people. You were not going to “drain the swamp.” You are the swamp.

    You and the rest of your leadership team were given the majority because you pledged to stop the steady flow of illegal immigration. You’ve done nothing. You pledged to reduce the size of this oppressive federal government. You have done nothing. You pledged to reduce, and ultimately eliminate the out-of-control deficit spending that is bankrupting America. You have done nothing. You promised to repeal Obamacare, “root and branch.” You’ve done nothing. You promised tax reform. You’ve done nothing.

    There sat another vote for Obamacare repeal, but you were willing to sacrifice a Republican Senate seat rather than have a conservative whom you would not control join the Senate.

    Don’t blame others for falling one vote short – the fault is yours and the rest of your Gang of 5 leadership team.

    And it’s not just Darryl Glenn. We remember your support for Arlen Specter, for Charlie Christ over Marco Rubio, and for Planned Parenthood’s favorite Independent candidate, (chairman) Lisa Murkowski over GOP nominee Joe Miller in Alaska in 2010.

    You and your leadership team – Senators John Cornyn, Roy Blunt, John Thune and John Barrasso – have made war with your own grassroots while cynically refusing to honor one solemn pledge after another to the American people.

    Although we haven’t heard this talk from Senators on Captial Hill that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a huge deal for McConnell. These Conservative Leaders represent what will be the Republicans voting base in the coming election. By reading this we notice they directly attack the promises that McConnell has failed to live up too.

    If I’m Mitch McConnell I am shaking in my boots right now. If it wasn’t already clear the entire Republican Voting base is now taking aim at the Swamp within the GOP. They are tired of watching the people they elected break the promises that got them elected.

    At this point, it seems that not even a Trump endorsement can save the establishment from a really rough 2018.

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