These Protests need to end

    Remember during campaign season, when every Anti-Trump voice was worried about how Trump supporters would react when Hilary won? Trump supporters were violent; they were unable to accept the opinion of the other side. They live in a world of their own, it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, they will do what they want. Then we had our so called professional Journalist-turned- American Patriots tweeting things that told us it was wrong if we didn’t accept the results. 44 Presidents had been elected before Trump through a democratic system and without mutiny, and it should stay that way. Well then election day came the results shocked America to its core. Heavily favored Clinton fell to Trump. Trump would be the next president of the United States of America.


    With the winning of the presidency, Trump deserves the same respect that every other President has received. He deserves to be judged by what he does in the office he will soon hold. He deserves a fair chance to make America a better place. Every American citizen should now be hoping for the best out of Trump.


    Sadly, to this point, I have not seen that. We see those same people who asked for respect before the election now not respecting this election because their candidate didn’t win. Instead of giving him a chance, they have chosen to voice their opinion through protest. Every American Citizen has a right to this but that doesn’t mean that they are in the best interest of the country.

    These protest are senseless. They are misguided. They are hypocritical. What happened to being acceptable of the other side? What happened to the acceptance of the electoral results? Seems to me that went out with Hilary Clintons’ chances of becoming president. Too soon?

    These protest are far from the peace they say they stand for. They are far from promoting equality. They are far from representing our Democracy. In major cities, they are rioting. Vandalizing cars, vandalizing buildings and attacking Police Officers. They don’t only bring a bad name to their message but they make America just look bad. Is it bringing America together? Is it getting their voice heard? The answer to both is no. Their voice is not being heard. Before the election, you called for respect of the outcome. Before the election you called for respect of Clinton if she takes office. You can’t retract that now.


    Within their own protest you don’t have a common theme. One person is for the acceptance and equality. While the next person is screaming “F**K Donald Trump”. The movement has no leader. The movement has no focus. Worst of all, the movement has no goal. This movement is accomplishing one thing; it is widening the already enormous gap that we see in America. It is splitting the country down the middle and making it harder to come to any common ground. It is time to stop the rioting, stop the protest and come together as a country. We can accept the opinion that you hold as long as you accept the opinion that we hold. You can’t have it both ways. You want us to be open then you need to be open. You want equality, well then both sides deserve the same chance to voice their opinion. If you want me to respect what you’re saying, then you need to be ready to respect what I have to say. It is time that we throw political correctness out the window and stop being so sensitive. I shouldn’t have to perfectly construct what I want to say just so I don’t offend anyone. You have no issue saying what you want about us, we deserve that same right. If you feel a certain way, voice your opinion in a way that is constructive to society and not destructive. The longer this goes on, the less accepting both sides become. The wider the separation, the harder it is to come back together. This is not a time for separation. This is a time for both sides to come together and work to make America a place for everyone. To make America a place that we all want to live in. The riots will solve nothing. Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States whether you like it or not and it is time for you to respect that. America is ready to be great again so you can either help lead the resurgence or continue to hold us back.

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