As more migrants from Islamic countries enter the U.S a disturbing trend of Female Genital multination is on the rise.

On Wednesday a judge struck down charges pertaining to Female Genital Mutilation.

This is an important case. Female Genital Mutilation has become a major issue in many European countries. According to NHS data in just Britain last year they had nearly 5,000 cases of Female Genital Mutilation. What is even worse is that due to there poor laws many of these cases never find a conviction.

So, the question is now how can the US make sure it doesn’t fall into the trap of making bad laws and allowing this inhumane process to continue?

Thanks to a research from Breitbart it seems that France might have laws worth looking at by U.S Politicians.


While the lessons of Europe point to struggles with cultural influencers, Politically Correct police, and toothless legal systems, there exists one ‘success story’: France.

France introduced an anti-FGM law in 1983 with the threat of 10 years in prison, or up to 20 years for cutting a girl under the age of 15, and with parents considered accomplices to the crime.

Hundreds of parents and “cutters” have been jailed.

“At first the African communities didn’t want parents prosecuted, but it’s against the law and the law is the same for all,” French lawyer Linda Weil-Curiel told The Guardian in 2014. “We explain to doctors the importance of examining all children. In that way they can check not just for FGM but for sexual abuse.”

Dr Emmanuelle Piet, a physician who works in the heavily-migrant populated Seine-Saint-Denis region, says that the does not “give a damn about cultural sensibilities. It’s more important to prevent a violent crime being committed against a child or woman.

“People talk of culture and tradition, but children have a fundamental human right not to be mutilated,” he added.

Due to France’s hardline approach, both Dr Piet and Ms Weil-Curiel told the newspaper that the number of cases they have come across had decreased significantly.

However, despite the hundreds of convictions, there are believed to be 60,000 women in France who have been subjected to the practice.

Although the Democratic party hasn’t come out in support of FGM newly elected Democrat IIhan Omar has a shady history regarding FGM.


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