The Cavaliers need to acquire Carmelo even if it means trading Kevin Love

New York, New York, 2/06/2013 Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks reacts during the third quarter. The Knicks defeated the Magic at Madison Square Garden on February 06, 2013. (Paul J. Bereswill)

The New York Post released an article saying a league source told them that LeBron James has asked the Cavaliers to acquire Carmelo Anthony even if it means having to trade Kevin Love. Now I have disagreed with LeBron on almost all of his actions over the past few weeks. I can’t stand his constant whining and the fact he feels like he always needs more talent around him to win. With that being said if I am the Cavaliers I am doing everything in my power to acquire Carmelo. Now before you call me crazy let’s take a look at Carmelo and where he was just a few years ago. People seem to forget just how great Carmelo Anthony was. Up until about 3 years ago Melo was looked at as one of the best players in the league. Carmelo and LeBron were talked about in the same conversation. When people would talk about the best Small Forwards in NBA LeBron James and Carmelo were the two names that almost always came up. Due to the fact the Knicks have been awful over the past 3 seasons people have seemed to forget just how good Carmelo really is. Carmelo is one of the most talented players in the league. He is one of those players that can score no matter who is guarding him. He can score in every way imaginable and is also an above average rebounder. His fit in Cleveland’s system would be one that is better than Kevin Loves in my view. Carmelo’s ability to make plays off the dribble and create for others makes him a lot more of a playmaker than Kevin. Love is an All-Star player without question but he isn’t that tier one type star. Carmelo is that type of player. When you look over to the other conference the Warriors can bode arguably 4 players who are elite playmakers. As of right now the Cavaliers only have 2.5. We have seen in the playoffs you need guys that can make plays for themselves and others. Melo would give the Cavaliers another dangerous weapon that opposing teams would have to give a lot of attention too.

Carmelo has never had the chance to play for a team that was considered a title contender. Melo has played on some good teams but never any teams that I would deem great. If we look at his time playing for Team USA we see a much different Melo then we have seen over the past few seasons. He plays a much more efficient game offensively and actually looks involved on defense. He doesn’t isolate himself for long periods of time on offense and makes plays for the other members of Team USA. Playing for a team like the Cavaliers I could see him mimic his play that we saw during his time on Team USA. The leadership of LeBron and the pressure to repeat as champions all would force Melo to play at the highest level he can. That Carmelo would make this team nearly unstoppable.

If I am the Cavaliers, I am doing everything I can do to try and move pieces other than Love to acquire Carmelo.  Adding Carmelo to a big 3 of LeBron, Kyrie, and Love would in my eyes make them the favorite to win this year’s championship. If the Knicks won’t budge and Love needs to be included in the deal, then the Cavaliers must take the risk and make the deal. With the team they have right now they are a step below the Warriors talent wise. The addition of Carmelo would make them just good enough to beat the Warriors again and maybe LeBron would stop whining for just a few weeks.


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