TELEMUNDO! Nearly 12k migrants entered Mexico

According to Mexican news outlet Telemundo, nearly 12,000 migrants are obtaining Humanitarian Visas to work in Mexico for one year.


The caravan of migrants from Central America who has arrived in Mexico in the last hours is even greater than the one that last fall brought the United States to deploy the Army on the border. There are 11,686 people, including 2,198 minors, who have applied for a humanitarian visa to the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, most of them Hondurans, according to the National Institute of Migration.

Mexico has granted these permits in the state of Chiapas so that the Central Americans can cross the country and settle there for a year, although the final goal of the caravan is once again the US border. However, on this occasion they travel less organized, according to The Washington Post , and having visas could be dispersed in Mexico instead of concentrating on Tijuana, where last November 5,000 people arrived to seek asylum in the United States.

It is unclear at this time if any of these migrants will try to make there way to the US but it is still something the US should keep an eye on. If next year comes around and they are no longer allowed to work they certainly might try and make there way to The United States.

It is unclear what vetting procedures were used on those who were given the Humanitarian Visas.


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