Tapper: Attacks on NY Jews done by “people of color” not “white supremacists”

CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out that the attacks on New York Jews over the past two weeks have been done by “people of color” not “white supremacists”. He also questioned whether the skin color of the perpetrators made the coverage different.

THREAD: “Black Supremacist” stabs six jews in NY

Partial Transcript from Breitbart: 

JAKE TAPPER:  It appears that many, if not most of these attacks, were allegedly carried out not by white supremacist, not by the alt-right, but people of color. What’s your response when members of the orthodox community say, and I’ve heard them say this and I’m sure you have too, that there would be more of an outrage if the attackers were white supremacists, and thus, fell more easily into a political narrative?

OREN SEGAL: I think again this is where investigations not only to bring perpetrators to justice who are carrying out these incidents, but to identify their motivations, right? In Jersey City, it was something beyond merely an African-American, right? It wasn’t representative of that community. It was someone who subscribed to a real antisemitic ideology. And so, when we’re thinking about the communities, we have to come together. That’s why at the ADL were are brining our “No Hate” educational programs to Brooklyn, doubling the amount of students that we are reaching out to because it starts at an early age to have an understanding and then to be allies for each other. So I don’t think we need to overstep and overanalyze what this means, but we have to get data and we have to understand the motivations before we jump to conclusions.

The majority of the perpetrators were black and Hispanic:

There is no question that if these attacks were all committed by white nationalists it would get wall to wall coverage about the “White Nationalism” issue in our country. In fact, it only takes one attack by someone who is deemed a White Nationalist the entire media begins pointing fingers at anyone right of Chairman Mao.

The Media should cover these stories. The media should cover these without caring about the skin color or religion of the person who commits it.

Even a CNN host like Jake Tapper is beginning to see the double standard.

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