US retailers hiring hundreds of thousands amid Chinavirus outbreak

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US retailers are hiring hundreds of thousands of employees amid the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak we have seen in the US. Amazon hiring 150,000 workers Walmart hiring 150,000 workers CVS hiring 50,000 new full-time associates Dollar General hiring up to 50,000 employees 7-Eleven hiring as many as 20,000 employees Kroger is hiring 10,000 employees — […]


Walmart bars open carry, selling handgun and short barrel rifle ammo

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Walmart has decided to go full leftist disallowing open carry in their stores, selling handgun and short barrel rifle ammo. BREAKING: Walmart will discontinue all sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition that can be used with military style weapons, discontinue sales of handgun ammunition and stop all handgun sales in Alaska, following two shootings at Walmart […]

WOW: Dick’s, Walmart decision to not sell certain Rifles to people under 21 ‘probably illegal’

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According to an analysis by Law and Crime Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmarts decision to stop selling certain types of rifles, ammunition, and shotguns to adults under the age of 21. Law and Crime: To begin, this analysis has nothing to do with the Second Amendment because the Bill of Rights is typically interpreted to limit and constrain […]