WATCH! Maduro trains to fight US Military

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Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro used Twitter as a propaganda platform to keep the Venezuelan Military behind him as he battles to maintain control of Venezuela. Soy un soldado más de nuestra digna #FANB, dispuesto a dar mi vida, si fuese necesario, para defender cada palmo de nuestra Patria sagrada. — Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) February […]


SOCIALISM! Maduro whines US trying to overthrow his ‘Democracy’

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According to Venezuelan Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, the US is leading the charge to overthrow his ‘Democracy’. AP: Socialist President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that he has uncovered an assassination plot that leads directly to the White House. Venezuela’s leader repeated his frequent warning that a U.S. invasion is imminent — this time giving some […]

SOCIALISM: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro warns he’ll take up arms if he loses election

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned he would take up arms if he loses the election. Miami Herald: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is warning that he’ll take up arms and lead a revolution if a government comes into power that wants to hand the country’s “riches” to “imperialist” forces. In a campaign speech Wednesday, Maduro — […]