SOCIALISM: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro warns he’ll take up arms if he loses election

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned he would take up arms if he loses the election.

Miami Herald:

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is warning that he’ll take up arms and lead a revolution if a government comes into power that wants to hand the country’s “riches” to “imperialist” forces.

In a campaign speech Wednesday, Maduro — who is hoping to win a new six-year term in a highly questioned May 20 election — accused his nearest opposition rival, Henri Falcón, of wanting to sell the country out to “the gringos.”

“If someday a government was in power that intended to hand over [our] riches, I would be the first one to raise the alarm, grab a gun and start an armed revolution with the people, if necessary,” he told a crowd of supporters in Vargas. “I would be the first one to do it, and call the people to arms.”

Supporters of Maduro’s opponent have claimed they are scared to go to the voting booth due to the fact they don’t want repercussions from the Maduro.

Maduro also said this

“I don’t give a damn what Europe says. I don’t give a damn about what Washington says,” he told the crowd. “I only care about what Venezuela’s youth, Venezuela’s women and Venezuela’s workers say. That’s what’s important to me.” 



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