SOCIALISM! Maduro whines US trying to overthrow his ‘Democracy’

According to Venezuelan Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, the US is leading the charge to overthrow his ‘Democracy’.


Socialist President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that he has uncovered an assassination plot that leads directly to the White House.

Venezuela’s leader repeated his frequent warning that a U.S. invasion is imminent — this time giving some details but no evidence.

He accused U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton of overseeing a plot to replace him with a dictator. He alleged that Washington is using “dirty dollars, bled from the U.S. empire” to train 734 mercenaries with in neighboring Colombia to carry out the plot.

President Donald Trump early in his administration publicly mused about using the “military option” to remove Maduro from power, with advisers urging against the idea.

“I have no doubts that the U.S. administration including John Bolton has plans for Venezuela,” Maduro said on state TV. “I also have absolute and unending faith in the Venezuela’s armed forces.”

We have reported in the past that Trump was eyeing military action in Venezuela but we have yet to see any of that lead to action.

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