Summit? Iran might be willing to meet with Trump

On Iran’s State-run Television show President Hassan Rouhani hinted at maybe having a meeting with Donald Trump.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued a challenge to President Donald Trump on Monday, saying the Islamic Republic would welcome talks with the US “right now.”
“I don’t have preconditions. If the US government is willing, let’s start right now,” Rouhani said during an interview that aired on state television late Monday local time, just hours before the US renewed sanctions on Iran. “If there is sincerity, Iran has always welcomed dialogue and negotiations,” Rouhani said.

Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, when asked about the offer by CNN’s Jake Tapper, dismissed it as possible “propaganda.”

“Let’s see what really comes of it or whether it’s just more propaganda,” Bolton said, adding that Trump has been “consistent” that he would be willing to negotiate with regimes such as North Korea and Iran.

“If the Iranians are really willing to come and talk about all of their malign behavior in the region and around the world, I think they’d find the President willing to do it,” Bolton said. But the Iranian President expressed concern that Trump is the unreliable one, pointing out that the US President has backed out of previous dialogue with Tehran as well as other international agreements.

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However, Hassan also called out President Trump. He pointed to the fact he feels he can’t trust Donald Trump due to his pulling out of The Paris Climate Agreement as well as ending the Iran Deal.

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