Sources confirm Trump’s side of the story on McGahn

Sources confirmed Donald Trump’s side of the story on White House Counsel Don McGahn meeting with Robert Mueller.


President Donald Trump is claiming his White House lawyer, Don McGahn, was representing his interests, and following his orders, when he voluntarily testified before the special counsel in multiple sessions.

And former administration officials said it’s unlikely that McGahn would still be serving in his top position in the administration if he had actually shared incriminating information about the president with Robert Mueller’s team.

“I can’t imagine that McGahn would still be White House counsel if he had produced any damaging information,” said Mark Corallo, a former spokesman for the president’s legal team. “He’d have resigned.”

But the New York Times’ revelation that McGahn has spoken to Mueller’s team for more than 30 hours over the past nine months has lawyers baffled — and noting that McGahn could have still filled in crucial blanks for Mueller, even if he didn’t hand over anything that could jeopardize his boss.

The source also stated that the length of the meeting was likely due to the White House’s initial tactic on cooperating with the Mueller probe.

This supports Donald Trump’s tweetstorm on subject






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