Lorent Saleh, a student leader who was imprisoned for four years in Venezuela for peacefully protesting the Maduro regime said he said political prisoners being crucified.


“I saw men on their knees so they could be beaten. And the worst – the most terrible and striking – I saw men not do anything before the suffering of other men,” he explained. “I have seen prisoners hanging for three days on a rail. Crucified. And other prisoners pass him by, as if nothing.”

“I have seen prisoners offer to abuse other prisoners, thinking that they would thus avoid being abused themselves, and of course that didn’t happen. They were abused too, and even moreso,” Saleh continued. “Because nobody, not even the guards, trusted them.”


“Some get used to beating, submitting [prisoners to their will], torturing, but the worst is that others get used to being beaten, submitted, tortured,” he concluded.

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