SHOCKER: Never-Trumper Jeff Flake losing big to Pro-Trump Kelli Ward in senate race

    According to recent Polls, Never-Trumper Jeff Flake is losing big to Pro-Trump Kelli Ward in their senate race.

    Excerpt from The Daily Wire:

    A Monday-published poll of likely Arizona Republican primary voters shows incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) trailing his opponent Kelli Ward.

    Conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling, the poll polled 500 persons from “likely Republican households” across August 26 and 27.

    The poll’s respondents held broadly favorable views of Trump, with 76% expressing approval of the president’s job performance; 56% said they would be more likely to support a Senate nominee with Trump’s endorsement.

    Key takeaways below:

    Flake’s Favorability

    67% Unfavorable

    22% Favorable

    9% No Opinion

    2% Never Heard of Flake

    Ward’s Favorability

    45% Favorable

    23% Unfavorable

    24% No Opinion

    11% Never Heard of Ward

    Flake vs. “Someone Else”

    66% Want Flake Replaced

    22% Want Flake Renominated

    13 Undecided

    If Voting Today, Who Would You Vote For?

    Ward 47%

    Flake 21%

    Tutora 3%

    Undecided 29%

    Flake has been a perpetrator of anti-Trump nonsense since Trump took office. He even went as far as to write an editorial for Politico stating “My Party is in denial about Donald Trump”. His piece was basically a Trump bash fest in which he claimed moral superiority over results. (Translation: It’s nonsense)

    He also sent this moronic tweet out attacking Trump for calling out both sides in Charlottesville

    It’s time for Republicans to realize that if you don’t support Trump’s agenda you won’t be elected. Trump is as popular as ever among his base and his base is growing every day. Conservatives want people who will give them results and that’s exactly what Trump gives them.

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