Democratic government officials give stand down order to Police Officers as Trump supporter’s get assaulted

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, last night Joey Gibson, founder of “Patriot Prayer” and advocate for free speech and expression gave us some enlightening news.

Excerpt from The Daily Wire:

Gibson was present during Sunday’s unrest in Berkeley, CA, with so-called “anti-fascist” Antifa leftists assaulting him. He observed that law enforcement did little to maintain law and order, speculating that their conduct was restricted by local and state Democrats.

“We talked to quite a few police officers,” said Gibson. “Most police officers, they join the force because they wanna help people out in these situations, and unfortunately there’s people higher up who are not allowing them to do it. Trust me, they didn’t want to stand around and just watch. We have mayors all over California and in this country that are using the police forces for their own political game.”

“How long are you going to stay silent on Antifa?” Gibson asked Democratics, specifically calling out Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.

Tucker Also made some good points.

“This is a political militia that is doing the bidding, in effect, of Nancy Pelosi and Governor Jerry Brown and the mayor of Berkeley and all these supposedly mainstream Democratic politicians, and this is a militia hurting American citizens for saying what they think,” said Carlson.

This should disturb people of both political parties. Basically what we have here is peaceful Pro-Free Speech marchers being assaulted and nobody coming to their aide thanks to Democratic leaders issuing a stand down order to them. Conservatives are forced to disavow white supremacists multiple times and are still considered racist. Why is it that Democratic leadership has not been forced to disavow left-wing radicals who are assaulting anybody in their path.

Full interview:


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