Sham Jan 6th Committee Is Getting What They Wanted–It Might Not Be Good For Them!

The sham Jan 6th is about to get evidence of the 2020 election steal brought right to them.

Bernie Kerik previously got permission from Trump to waive attorney-client privilege to let him testify.

“Will Not Like What They Asked For!”–Trump Releases Statement After Jan 6th Committee Caught Issuing Phony Subpoena

This was after the sham Jan 6th committee was caught lying on the subpoena about him.

UPDATE: Sham Jan 6th Committee Admits They Made Mistake On Subpoena

We now have more information on Kerik testifying in front of the sham Jan 6th committee.

He just surrendered his memos to Congress and is now saying he is going to “eviscerate” the Democrat narrative on January 6th. 

From Just The News:

Parlatore said he and his client believe the committee has drawn three conclusions prematurely: 1.) there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election, 2.) the Trump campaign knew that and 3.) advisers chose to “knowingly push false claims of election fraud in an effort to subvert the constitutional process and overturn the will of the people.”

“The information that Mr. Kerik can provide, presuming we can resolve the privilege issues, will undermine confidence in the first presumption and will eviscerate the second and third presumptions,” the lawyer wrote.

“We Have 10 Days To Execute This Plan & Certify President Trump!” the memo declared.

While the team expressed confidence Trump would be declared the winner if the allegations were investigated, the strategy was primarily focused on getting legitimate probes started in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Georgia, the memos show.

The goal was to get states to conduct investigations that gained “access to the voting machines for forensics analyses,” reviewed ballot signatures using artificial intelligence and vetted paper ballots to “determine valid paper, creases from folding for mailing, ink type, (and) whether ballot was filled out by hand or machine,” the memo said.

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